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The Malibu C Makeover experience utilizes science and wellness. The bulk of what I do prepares your hair to accept color and treatments for the best results.

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At Malibu C, total wellness from root to tip is our aim. Our patented vitamin crystal technology infused in our Wellness Remedies features a totally exclusive blend of natural antioxidants and ionic food-grade ingredients to renormalize and elevate hair to its highest level of health. Always formulated without sulfates, parabens, and gluten, these crystallized ingredients are 100% Vegan and hermetically sealed so they can be water activated on the spot, giving you the absolute freshness and mega-potency with each and every remedy. The result… one of a kind technologies that give you the purest, most vibrant outcome. From Wellness Remedies to progressive shampoos and conditioners, shiny, gorgeous, healthy hair begins and ends with Malibu C.

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